Industrial Machinery

We repair and service a vast range of industrial machinery which include :-
Press brakes, guillotines, punching machines, lathes, milling machines, drills, part off saws, grinding machines, iron workers, saws, drills, rollers, folders, grinders, lockformers, bush inserters, corner notchers. Plus many more.

Machinery Manufacturers

We carry out repairs and servicing to most machine types and brands including :-

Promecan, Edwards, Amada, Guifil, Adira, Boschert, Gasparini, Rico, Mebusa, Jones and Shipman, Colchester, Harrison, Ajax, KRV, Bridgeport, Gockel, Elliot, Amada, Edwards Pearson, Gasparini, Safan, K B, Adira, Jean Perrot, Cincinatti, Gade, LVD, Grinding Master, Pierceall, Boschert, Shape, Amada, Strippit, Nishimbo.

Other Services we Provide

Machine Guarding
Emergency Stop Systems
DC Brakes
Machine Moving
Press Brake Tooling
Shear Blade Suppliers and Regrinders
Industrial Lubricant Supplies
Motor Repairs and Rewinding
Circuit Board Repairs